Call For Papers

Call For Papers

A Nordic Network for Comics Explore discussion sponsored by Ghent University in collaboration with the School of Liege (ACME) and KU Leuven Apr 20-21, 2017 Ghent, Belgium Overview “Memory is tabooed as unknown, difficult to rely on, irrational”, deplored Adorno more than half a century previously (122). While lately study regarding mind has generated per se, memory space remains to be an untamable monster, wide and interdisciplinary in its bristling range. This discussion wants to comprehend recollection, and more especially the partnership between comics and mind, by pleasing reports to the next several facial lines of inquiry: 1. Personalised remembrance Exploration on comics and private mind Find Out More

Medical treatment Unboxed: Scholars 2016 Make a call for Involvement Timeline: Night time Weekend 3 July 2016 At any given time of incredible clinical information and beneficial prospect, remedy faces important moral, governmental and social networking Medical science Unboxed engages the public and healthcare readers that has a take a look at treatments that spots to individual adventure, honest representation and governmental controversy. We know the disciplines can illuminate this standpoint, really encourage dialogue and foster feelings of awe and ponder. Our twelve-monthly incidents pull in viewers of 350 customers and bring writers, political figures, philosophers, music players, entertainers, theologians and musicians and artists into conversation with clinicians and patients. Treatments Unboxed 2016 is Find Out More

Ask for Records: ‘Beyond the Graphic’ – Interested in Abuse, Sexuality and Obscenity in Comics Special web site range – US Tests Over the internet Edited by Harriet Earle (Birkbeck Advanced schooling, College or university of United kingdom) Since the 70s, the comics variety has gone through the roof in reputation and the sorts of comics we are perusing – and also how we are engaging with these – changed noticeably. This new and improving variety of comic is sometimes called a ‘graphic novel’, a term that is certainly not widely accepted but provides readers to be aware of the ways in which the form is being which is used to see multifaceted stories. Continue Reading

We bring abstracts for essays to become circulated within a catalogue featuring new work towards the counsel and conceptualization of impairment in hero comics. We encourage exams of popular titles and characters (which includes some of those authored by Wonder and DC) in addition to matters of other text messages that take part impairment as well as superhero style of music in artistic strategies (that include Cece Bell’s El Deafo). We have been specifically serious about efforts that take a look at further intersections of race, course, sexuality, and sex. The series envisions an assorted array of contributors (scholars on the humanities, comics tests, and impairment experiments; impairment activists; comics designers; health related Learn More

The time frame is simple, but owing to Lorenzo Servitje for flagging up this CFP: Need Written documents: 51st Once-a-year Comparative Literature Convention Thoughts, Physical structure, Habits: Overall health, Health problem, and Representation April 27-28, 2016 California Condition College, Particularly long Beach Wellbeing is really a problem of representation with the earliest well-known images and narratives, and stays a topical cream subject. Representations pertaining to the entire body, your mind, condition, injury, bodily transformation, subconscious strain, very own marriages, and most factors of our practices, account for how individuals and communities create their identities, how they cope with stress and fatigue, distress, psychological and physical health and fitness. Continue Reading


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