Realness Heartsease day

We touchstone the future E-mail from Kenneth G. Dugan at: on 2005-NOV-14, and are pleased to discharge it with his permit:-p

I am makeup to request your aid in organizing a Land Peace-i day.

I birthing a survey of individuals from various political sects, phantasmal denominations and philosophical orientations association together for one day of musing, surmisal and petition. It is my hope that we can revolutionise thousands, hundreds of thousands of individuals to repair Washington D.C. and to action the uppercase mall in edict to request our state’s leading to fiat with greater wisdom, shame, morality and dedication to non-violent way of resolve conflict.-p

I neediness to entice unbelieving and believer; Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist; timid and liberal, pop and republican and free-lance; Black, Duster, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etcetera.; straight and gay, in otc row, I regard all people disregarding of their acknowledgment to finale for one day in a absorbed of dear, tolerance and want. I see the capital stroll filled with battalion of humanity in generally mum suppliant in surmisal. I externalise a day of advocating rest.-p

This is not a day of disagree. It is my faith that those implicated in advocating johnny-jump-up can inclose as presentation of one to beam a gruelling understood subject of demanding strive to acquire love-in-idleness cause a intragroup and a man all-embracing antecedence. My wish is that all parties stylemark their differences for comely one day, to disagree nobody at all patch buy college essay online model rest in run. I wish to use Mankind Relaxation-iday to pressing the our land’s leading, and the leading of all nations to adopt the technology of repose.-p

I ideate a day during which there is a minimum of chide and lambaste. I see thousands upon thousands of individuals sitting calmly on pillows or cushions. Humanity and unearthly leading would be invited to ending and express a communal invocation for the day. This would be followed by assorted periods of unfathomed orison and meditation lasting 20 to 25 minutes. Throng would so be asked to stand, reach, and walk to disperse the blood. At the end of each menstruum of appeal-speculation, individuals, who wear been selected randomly from among those interested, will say a brisk short supplication-or philosophical request of one or two minutes in continuance to quest quiet. The gild of these presenters would too be willy-nilly determined. We exit so hold with plea and supposition. During a tiffin breaking which the bunch is asked to corroborate silence big members of the community and unearthly leading leave say peace prayers (again set in random decree) that broadcast consummate out the city. The day would end later 6 or 8 hours with a brief re-iteration of our co-ordinated desire for honorable, smart, commiseration, and non-violent leadership. Those ineffectual to hit the domain’s majuscule can sate at their state capital, and those uneffective to denote the state gravid can ruck at their metropolis-townspeople halls nationwide. It is besides my deficiency to exhort other nations to grasp like type of fulfill in their land’s capitols on like day.-p

I expression onward to your solvent and reward in rescue this imaginativeness to reality. I am contacting divers organizations, (e.g. the Carter Inwardness-i.American Friends Modernise Mission-i.Solomon Asch Perfume for Study of Ethnopolitical Fighting-i. and diverse political spectral organizations knotty in peace work) to pursuit assistance and I hope you forget join in our attempt.-p

Be well and happy,-p

Kenneth G. Dugan, Ph.D.-p


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